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Balkans and Eastern Europe in the Early Modern period.

A tiny introduction…

Hello everybody, my name is Giuseppe Pio Cascavilla and this is my blog. I am a historian of the early modern age and I am specialised in history of Balkans, Eastern and Central Europe. At the moment I am focused on the Republic of Ragusa and its diplomatic history in the late 18th century.

I find it very challenging and at the same time fascinating, since Ragusa (today known as Dubrovnik, Croatia) in this period of its history is one of the prisms from which is possible to observe the gradual appearance of the Eastern Question. This small but versatile republic had to deal with several powers which dominated or tried to master the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean. Its history is definitely intertwined with the major states close to its small territory, but its networks allowed it several and complex connections with many states and major powers of the time, not only with those ones having their own shores on the Mediterranean Sea, but even with those which were far away but were pursuing their various interests in what David Abulafia calls the “Big Sea”.

Main aim of this space is to share my research with other researchers or people who are interested in the topics I deal with.

If you have a look above you can see several sections, in fact I’d also like to share some sources I normally use for my research and I hope you can enjoy them. I would also appreciate a feedback and some suggestions if you have some.


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