Here there’s a list of a few links. These are connected to my research or they simply have interesting material for historical research.

  • Ottoman History Podcast. As the name suggests, this website offers a wide range of free podcast with subjects related to the Ottoman Empire. The quality is very high and I like it very much.
  • Dialnet is a portal for the spread of the scientific production from Spain, specialised in human and social sciences. It was created by the Universidad de la Rioja and it offers free access to many scientific journals and articles.
  • I am very passionate about maps. Oldmapsonline is a stunning website which allows you to find the right old map, selecting the area you are looking for. Once you do this, on the right hand side it will appear all the available maps for that area and the year they have been produced.
  • The following website is a commercial one, but I added it because it offers an incredibly huge range of ancient maps and old prints, which can be seen in detail. An internal search engine can help you with finding the charts you are looking for.
  • A massive collection of old and new maps can also be retrieved on the David Rumsey collection website. The database has a treasure of more than 150.000 maps ranging from the 16th century to the present day. The maps are amazing and at a very high resolution.
  • The British Museum is the institution where I currently work and it possesses one of the largest collections of prints and drawings in the world. I dedicated a post on this blog to this. The museum also has a database with images and descriptions of the objects it owns. You can easily access this source through the following link: 
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